Litter H





(4 gold females)

(4 femmine fulve)

All puppies are in their new families!!

Tutti i cuccioli sono nelle nuove famiglie!!


LUX Ch Roxicocker Want You Want Me Aga Khan
Luxembourger Junior Champion 2016

(prcd-PRA:A - NF:A - HD:A/B)

**Thanks to Roxicocker Kennel**


IT JCh Costopa's Perfect Dress

Res. European Junior Champion 2010

Italian Junior Champion 2011

Slovenian Junior Winner 2011

Qualified For Crufts 2012

Junior Top Dog 2010 - Cocker Red

(prcd-PRA:A - NF:A - HD:A)


I cuccioli sono esenti da NF e da prcd-PRA. 


 They are free from NF and prcd-PRA. 


Roxicocker Want You Want Me Aga Khan

Manaca's Make Believe

Charbonnel War Paint

Charbonnel Warlord

Charbonnel Starlette

Manaca's Like It Or Not

Fonesse Finlorian

Manaca's Unblushing Dream

Golden Lord's Winner For Roxicocker

Sheerclever Playing For Keeps

Athos Black Petrs

Sheerklever Gamekeeper


Roxicocker I'm Perfect For Goldenlords

Charbonnel Desert Gold


Kimberly D'El Greco

Costopa's Perfect Dress


Cy CH Northworth Jaggy Wood

Su(u) CH Woodman Black Petrs

Cr CH Fuzberki Moravenny Back To Basic

Olivia In Black Petrs

Northworth Madam's Match

Int CH Madam's Return

Northworth Hue And Cry

Cy CH Northworth Party Dress

Northworth Talk In Waves

S CH Claramand Shockwave

Northworth Hue And Cry

Fin CH Twinsmade American Pie

Int CH Madam's Return

Rus CH Club Gloria U'Tinuviel Refine



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